Review: Burgundy Box’s ‘SERVED’ meal box delighted my tastebuds

Burgundy Box initially began with the concept of DIY boxes for gourmet recipes.Now They have introduced a new line of products called SERVED.

Burgundy Box is a venture started by Master Chef Ajay Chopra,Marketeer Shabnam S. Mehra,Banker turned Investor Vivek Mehra,Co-founder Sandip K Singh ,Sunil Kukadia, Tech Advisor.  In their website, they say that the food is created by people who love food and i can vouch for that as it shows in the food.

I have tried Burgundy Box DIY twice and have enjoyed creating gourmet food. Some Pics of the DIY burgundy box that I had ordered.

Vilayti Kadai Subz
Bhuna Paneer Lazeez DIY box
Bhuna Paneer Lazeez finished product

Lets start the review of SERVED meal box

The first thing I appreciated the most is the packaging. You can order it at your office and eat it at your desk comfortably as it has the cloth which will save your desk against spillage . They also provide spoon , fork and paper napkins.

Efficient Packaging of SERVED meal boxes
Efficient Packaging of SERVED meal boxes

We had ordered 4 meal boxes.

  • Ratan Manjusha with 2 Crisp Laccha Paranthas, Raita , Kachumber Salad and Phirnee Triffle
  • Mumbai Special Tawa Pulao “Served” with Raita & Mint Chutney
  • Thai Vegetable Red Curry with Kafir Lime Steamed Rice, Som Tam salad, Vietnamese rolls and Honey Mint Fruit Skewers
  • Navratra Platter

Lets start with my favorite Ratan Manjusha, though the name is very weird but believe me it is very tasty. It is basically spinach and mushroom koftas in red herbed tomato gravy. The koftas were soft and very tasty. This dish was accompanied by 2 laccha parathas which were crisp and complimented the kofta curry well.
It was also accompanied by Kachumber Salad and raita. It also had a yummy dessert : Phirnee Triffle which was a light and delectable desert. All this for just Rs 250 /-
It can make for a good lunch or dinner for a person.

Ratan Manjusha-Spinach and Mushroom Koftas in red gravy
Ratan Manjusha-Spinach and Mushroom Koftas in red gravy

Mumbai tawa pulav was yummy and filling. It had loads of veggies and it would make for a good meal for one -two people (depending on one’s appetite). All this for just Rs 150/-

Tawa Pulav with raita packaging
Tawa Pulav with raita
Mumbai Tawa Pulav
Mumbai Tawa Pulav

Thai Vegetable Red Curry with Kafir Lime Steamed Rice, Som Tam salad, Vietnamese rolls and Honey Mint Fruit Skewers was good. I am not a fan of Thai dishes but wanted to try vietnamese rolls so ordered this dish. I like the subtle flavour of the curry.
The highlight of the dish for me was the Vietnamese rolls which was veggies wrapped in rice paper. It was melt in the mouth and so fresh. Overall I liked it and found it enough for 2(small appetite people like me) and 1 for a person with good appetite. All this for just Rs 250/-

Thai Red curry with Vietnamese rolls
Thai Red curry with Vietnamese rolls and other accompaniments

Lastly we also tried the Navratra Platter which had crisp Sabudana Wada, soft Rajgira Thaalipeeth, Sweet Potato Chat and Rajgira Crisps with Banana Caramel and Cream Cheese. This platter was very yummy. Since i have a sweet tooth, i loved the innovative dessert Rajgira Crisps with Banana Caramel and Cream Cheese. Just for Rs 150/-

Navaratra Platter
Navaratra Platter


They should let people buy extra parathas and accompaniments if they want to.

They should pack some mouth fresheners in all the boxes especially with full meal.

Ending Note:

I would recommend SERVED for all those who love to eat hygienic and tasty food at the best prices. You can access the website

The views are personal and unbiased.I paid for my own meals.


No Love is sincere than the love of food

eggless pineapple cake
egg-less pineapple cake

I love food passionately. My love for food began with sweets. In my childhood, I was averse to anything spicy. Now I can try medium spicy provided it’s Non-Veg.

I was quite traditional initially when it came to trying different cuisines but my love of food and my best food companion,my hubby evolved me into a foodie :).

I have recently tried Sushi and octopus. Though i didn’t love it , i could eat it and appreciate the dish.

This blog will help me document various life events,foodie adventures and my inner thoughts.

This cake picture is my first eggless pineapple cake that i made 🙂

I don’t know how my blog will shape out to be but it will certainly be a reflection of my thoughts.

Next post will be a review of Served delights from Burgundy Box……